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Ali Ghani is an entrepreneur and real estate and startup investor with a portfolio that encompasses the Calgary and greater Alberta property market.


A graduate of SAIT Polytechnic, Ali received his Electrical Engineering Diploma at SAIT Polytechnic and went on to obtain his bachelor’s degree in Applied Systems Technology. He began medical school in Nigeria, but ultimately chose to pursue a career in the information technology sector and worked successfully for several large corporations as a Network Specialist.


While working in the technology sector, Ali began working in the real estate industry. In 2000, he heeded that interest and began a Calgary-based commercial property development company alongside his father.

An experienced CEO, Ali Ghani understands the development business and has had success in growing developments from the ground up. He saw value in acquiring projects that were in their raw and early stages and subsequently built something out of those projects before selling them.

During the course of his career, Ali has invested in a variety of real estate and startup companies both in Calgary and Alberta, identifying their locations as a prime market for buyers.
His professional background has given him the footing to understand complex business situations and how to bring merit to projects no matter the circumstances.

Passions and Interests

Ali Ghani is an avid runner, weightlifter and fitness enthusiast. Outside of his professional responsibilities, he also enjoys traveling to new places, particularly locations with warm climates.